STORY: The Owl

From the first moment I met the Owl, I knew there was an alien life form living inside of his brain. Though he appeared human on the outside, his disguise has never been enough to fool me. I am 100% convinced The Owl is, in fact, an alien from outer space, just like me.

While some aliens come to Earth to live a relatively peaceful, meaningless existence, the Owl was sent here with a purpose. He’s part of something big, something very few individuals know about. It’s only a matter of time until the great mystery begins to unfold. Then these stupid humans will finally discover the truth, a truth the Owl had predicted for years. A truth they had been blind to all along.

His perch at the bar is the perfect place to sit back and observe human behavior. He records their most interesting activities and sends the data back to the mothership. He’s never without one of his many communication transmission devices by his side. He wears special goggles around his eyes that contain state-of-the-art technology designed to produce optimum recording quality.

The Owl is definitely a legal alien. He’s been registered with the MIB for years and regularly gives them information. He acts as an intergalactic freelance spy. He passes the information he receives between his home planet, the US Government, and any other interested parties… but only for a price.

As the only other alien in my immediate vicinity, I seek the Owl out for advice regularly. I know his understanding of human behavior is very similar to mine. Though we are from completely different planets, neither of us is from Planet Earth. And that, at the end of the day, is the most important thing the two of us have in common.

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