BLOG: Day 5/7

Friday. Getting shit done. Had my Bloody Mary Brunch scheduled for today, but something about having it on the calendar already made me feel “Mehhhh” about it. I realized I wasn’t actually looking forward to it and it didn’t feel like much of a reward. I just thought about having to listen to that one person who always sits there ranting about how much he hates his job, again, just like he does every day, and I just can’t take it anymore, you guys.

Speaking of jobs, my search for one appears to be getting brighter. My sister started sending me motivational quotes from Instagram every day. It’s been a great replacement for the negativity of reddit. Also cannot even with that app anymore. It’s soOoOoOoOo toxic. I’m trying to switch over to scrolling through my vision boards on Pinterest and job ads on LinkedIn instead. I think it might be working? I’ve already accomplished so much today AND I don’t even want to go to the bar to “celebrate.” Magic. Witchcraft. Mystifying indeed.

I did not go to my third space yesterday because it was so, so icky and grey outside that all I could do was stay in bed. I compromised by working from bed instead. I just spent the afternoon hanging out on LinkedIn trying to get over my hang-ups about it. Followed some new pages, subscribed to some newsletters, joined a bunch of groups, sent some connection invites to old professors and a couple of people from college I haven’t seen in over a decade, tweeked my profile a little bit. I even discovered someone from my old life was creeping on me thanks to the algorithm. Blocked them as soon as I saw the name. No thanks. I am not interested in re-connecting for any reason ever again, especially professionally. Please stay the hell out of my life. Yikes on bikes and trikes.

Somehow, that block made me feel like I was more in control of the situation. Like, no, toxic person from the very distant past, actually you are NOT going to affect the future of my professional life. I am in control of my professional life. I am in control of my career. I am the captain of this ship and it’s going wherever I choose to steer it. Period.

This little attempt to wade into the shallow tide pools of the vast, expansive sea before me turned out well. I made about a dozen connections, received several invitations to join new groups, and even got a message from a French writer requesting an interview for an article on freelancing and digital nomading. Wow! Super cool. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m feeling a lot better about it now. It’s not so scary anymore. It’s like, just join the Yacht Club. Show up and crash the boat party. No one cares. I’m a hot chick in a bikini. Everyone’s going to be asking me if I want a drink or a snack. That plate of oysters and bottle of champagne are just for me. All I have to do is be open to receiving and accept the offer when it finally comes my way. It’s all gonna work out okay.

I did, in fact, go to my evening workout class last night. Hot yoga, of course. I finally achieved Crow Pose. I don’t really know how. I’ve been frustrated with it because the Crow is one of my spirit guides so I feel like it should just come natural, right? But it doesn’t. My body just won’t go there. But it did last night! It was very exciting! I got it and I held it for about three seconds. Looks like working out with the weights is paying off after all. Anyway, it just felt good. Very inspiring. Like, ah, my spirit guide is with me after all. It felt like it went away from awhile. Now it’s back and ready to fly! Love that for me.

Rushed home to watch the second night of Mardi Gras parades. I’m starting to understand what they mean by “it’s a Marathon, not a sprint.” I’m just sitting in my living room watching on TV and I’m feeling worn out halfway through the second parade. It’s okay, though. I’m just using the extra time to drink lots of water. It’s very important to stay hydrated. It’s so much to watch the parades though. It was SO WORTH IT to stay up to watch Muses. Holy crap! Definitely my favourite so far. I’m so excited to see USD Marching Band in Endymion on Saturday and Orpheus on Monday. SOOOOOOO excited! I hope they stop and perform for the cameras instead of just marching by at rest because they’re tired, lol. Something fun to look forward to, I guess.

Today has been productive, as I said. I did very exciting things like reorganize my financial house and file my taxes. So much fun! Now I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon on LinkedIn instead of sitting at the bar. Can’t wait! Love life with no distractions! I’m getting so much done! Who knew?

Back to work now. Glad this new routine is working out. I was having my doubts at the beginning of the week when I was tired, but I’m feeling much better now. As long as I’m flexible with my time, make adjustments as needed, and stay on track, I should be able to work from home with great success. I’m already feeling more optimistic about the future. Now, if only I could get my creative house back in order and get my new blog done…

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