PROMPT: Writer’s Block

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Prompt: What does it feel like to have writer’s block?

It’s true. I am an angry person, albeit significantly less angry than I used to be. Writing on this website has allowed me to cleanse myself of the anger and negativity I was holding inside for so long. It’s frustrating that I am still working it all out, but that is the way it must be. Therapy taught me that the best way to deal with your emotions is to feel them and release them instead of bottling them up or numbing them with substances. Right now, I am feeling the anger. I am letting it out. Unfortunately, that means I cannot create until all of it is out of me.

It’s like there’s a giant bubbling pot full of creativity, stewing away and almost ready to be served. There’s only one problem: a thick crust has formed on top of said stew and I have been unable to remove it. It doesn’t matter what kind of tools I use to try to break it. It only gets stronger and thicker with every hit.

I definitely don’t want to feel this way. It’s quite uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Some days, like today, it feels physically painful not to be able to release the ideas I’m holding in my head. And yet here I am, trying desperately to destroy the block however I can. Hopefully this project will have successful results.

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